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Minimalist Fireplaces and Vases Collection by Falper This new collection by Falper of Italy is a shining example of designer Giovanna Talocci’s minimalist style. His use of these free-standing fireplaces and planters as furniture allows you to create a modern oasis in the city – or the country. Requiring no flu or electricity, the bio-ethanol burners produce no smoke. And each Falper burner comes equipped with an aroma diffuser – for aromatherapy (optional use). The open structures, created from stainless steel, are epoxy coated for outdoor use but thanks to the clean fuel source, can be used indoors or out. Because all pieces are free-standing, they can be moved around to create different aromatherapy diffuser groupings. Let your imagination run wild — put fruit in one of the planters for a bold look – choose one with a vivid color for maximum effect (like the oranges below). Choose from an assortment of colors – white, red, black or steel grey – but consider what you plan to grow, or store, in the planters before committing. Fireplaces and planters come in two standard sizes and can also be custom made to your own specifications. The world you can create with this collection of fire and flora is limited only by your imagination. Add deep green herbs to contrast the ‘orange’ statement! Vertical rosemary plants stand out against the white planters. Group fireplaces together – or spread them out! The collection is available in four colors. Don’t you just want to curl up with a good book? Glass sides add further modern touches to the fireplace.

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